Content Queens 104: How to Create Products & Services that SELL by Shayla Varnado

Content Queens 104: How to Create Products & Services that SELL

Starts Jun 17, 2020 at 1:30 PM EDT

You can't make money in your sleep until you've got a product people can't resist. In this Masterclass we will be deep diving into the anatomy of an irresistible offer. 

So you want to make money in your sleep...

We all follow the mentors in our head on IG and watch them building their businesses online, making sales daily, and waking up to emails that say "You got PAID". So how do they do it?
In this masterclass I'm going to teach you the secret to creating offers that are not only irresistible but leave your audience wanting even more.
We will cover
  • A) R&D - the secret to research and development that will make creating offers easier
  • B) Executing Ideas - how to create what they need but sell them what they want
  • C) The Anatomy of a great offer - What actually needs to be included that will make them click "BUY"
If you've never attended one of my master classes-- I'm not about the fluff. I want to actually see you create products, make sales, and increase your income in order to build more wealth. In that order.
It's time out for mediocre offers that no one wants. To become the Beyonce of your industry you've got to learn the secret to creating irresistible offers. 

Meet the Coach

Shayla Varnado is the Business Strategist helping women find their ideal clients, master their message, and create offers that SELL. Shayla's 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship makes her the perfect candidate to give you no fluff advice on how to build a successful business. Think you've seen her before? She's the CEO & Founder of Black Girls Wine + The Black Girls Wine Society.